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Lexical Logo: containing an icon of a text editor glyph containing a text cursor on the left, with the text of 'Lexical' on the right.

An extensible text editor framework that does things differently


Lexical is comprised of editor instances that each attach to a single content editable element. A set of editor states represent the current and pending states of the editor at any given time.


Lexical is designed for everyone. It follows best practices established in WCAG and is compatible with screen readers and other assistive technologies.


Lexical is minimal. It doesn't directly concern itself with UI components, toolbars or rich-text features and markdown. The logic for these features can be included via a plugin interface.

Cross Platform

Lexical is available as a JavaScript framework for use in web browsers, as well as a Swift framework for native iOS development.

It's super easy to get started with Lexical in any environment. Lexical is framework agnostic, but provides a set of bindings for React to help you get off the ground even quicker. After the initial setup, delightfully ergonomic APIs make building custom functionality straightforward and downright fun!