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This package contains history helpers for Lexical.



Registers necessary listeners to manage undo/redo history stack and related editor commands. It returns unregister callback that cleans up all listeners and should be called on editor unmount.

function registerHistory(
editor: LexicalEditor,
externalHistoryState: HistoryState,
delay: number,
): () => void


History package handles UNDO_COMMAND, REDO_COMMAND and CLEAR_HISTORY_COMMAND commands. It also triggers CAN_UNDO_COMMAND and CAN_REDO_COMMAND commands when history state is changed. These commands could be used to work with history state:

import {UNDO_COMMAND, REDO_COMMAND} from 'lexical';

<Button onClick={() => editor.dispatchCommand(UNDO_COMMAND)}>Undo</Button>
<Button onClick={() => editor.dispatchCommand(REDO_COMMAND)}>Redo</Button>