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Lexical relies on tests to ensure that changes don't break anything, using a mix of unit and end-to-end tests.

Unit tests

We use Jest to run unit tests in core (lexical package). The goal is to have a well tested API, enabling us to add or modify features without breaking it.

To run the tests use:

npm run test-unit

Unit tests can be found in this directory.

End-to-end (E2E) tests

We use Playwright for running E2E tests in Chromium, Firefox and WebKit. Before running these tests, make sure to install the necessary browsers using the following command:

npx playwright install

These tests run in the lexical-playground package and are divided into proactive and reactive tests (e2e and regression directories).

The goal for this type of test is to validate the behavior of Lexical in a browser, without necessarily knowing how the internals work.

To run E2E tests use:

npm run start &
npm run test-e2e-chromium # or -firefox, -webkit

E2E tests can be found in this directory

General guidelines

When writing tests, please follow these practices:

  • New features must include tests.
  • No test is too small or too big to be included. If it can break, add a test.
  • Do not merge pull requests with failing tests, this can block other people and releases.
  • Be mindful with your abstractions: sometimes it's convenient to create abstractions/utils to make test files smaller and less repetitive. Please make sure that they are simple and easy to follow.